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Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend fishing, what else is new:)

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday fishing lake Lu in Livingston Al, both days were pretty tuff fishing, post spawn blues, plus they fertilized the lake on Thursday:(
Normally it takes a few days for them to ajust to that and well they were not this weekend:)
I did catch 2 very nice fishes on sat though. Dont ask about Sunday.
Here's the first nice one, caught on a lizard, guess he/she thought it needed a big meal:)

13" and about a pound and half, one of the biggest shellcrackers I've ever seen or caught.
Then just a little while later while fishing a channel edge with a flat shallow crankbait, this pig just about swallowed it, luckly I got the bait out and she swam around, little sore but kicking :)

22 1/2 inches and right at 7 on my scales, she jumped prolly 5 times, but the bait was so deep it wasnt coming out.
Those 2 fish made the weekend :)

until later, fish on

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More on Guntersville Rally with pics

I wanted to add a couple of pics from our Tourny day,
Here's Micheal with his 2 toads,

another one,

here's one of mine,

Great morning on Lake Guntersville, we had the 4 we weight in at 11am or so, we caught several shorts, like I said yesterday, should have stayed in our pond and never left without that 5th fish.

thanks and fish on

Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from Guntersville

Back at the work place and thinking of the past weekend at lake Guntersville, man what a awesome lake!
We had 2 nights of great food, 2 days of good fishing and a Tourny day that almost was great :)
We came in 3rd, 4 fish for 16.8 lbs, my partner had the 2nd bigfish at 6.8.
Man, if only IF we could have got that last keeper............ohwell, that's fishing.

We found a little round hole on friday, caught a keeper and couple of shorts, it wasnt a big place at all, maybe a acre or so, there was a ton of fish moving in the weeds, friday we were'nt sure if they were bass or not but we added it to our places to fish on Saturday. Found out friday night that there would be about 400 to 500 tourny boats on the lake saturday and decided to go to the round hole first off trying to beat the other boats. We did, and first pass, partner boated a 4 1/2 lber. Good start, on the 3rd pass he boated the 6+ fish and we continuted to circle this small hole.
I finaly got a keeper, then another one. So, about 10 passes in this little circle of water and 4 for about 15lbs.
What to do, go and try to find that last keeper or keep circleing? Well, we went looking, bad, bad! NEVER, NEVER leave fish to find more fish........learn damnit!
If we had stayed we would have got that 5th fish and could have won the darn thing, but you have to learn from your mistakes and I did.
*Should'nt have to learn this one over and over though:(

!8.8 won, 17.5 2nd and our 16.8 3rd. I can't wait to get back to Lake Guntersville :)

I'll post some pics later this week,
fish on

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Guntersville or bust

I'm about 2 hours from starting the 2 hour drive up to Lake Guntersville for the Bass Boat southern rally V this saturday. The late week is shaping up nicely, the weather is sorta stable for this time of the year and most bass should be post spawn and those are the ones we're after. I'm going to try to keep everyone updated, at the least check the twitter, I'll be twittering from my Google phone. link is on the side>

hope you all have a great weekend, be carefull and catch'em up


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

busy working, about to be busy fishing :)

Sorry, I haven't updated in a few days. I've been busy here at work and getting ready for the Bass Boat southern rally V on Lake Guntersville this weekend. I hope to blog a few times from there though the weekend, I know I'll twitter for sure, so Follow! :)

Here's the new logo for fishcraze, it was done by Iquana Grafix Darryl does awesome work, if you need some disign, check him out and tell him fishcraze sent ya.
here's the new logo

Nice uh, I'm digging it, I'll have stickers, hats, shirts, etc...soon as I can. This will rock!

next time from Lake Guntersville
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Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend fishing

Well, after working sat morning, I took off for lake lu for the afternoon. Just 2 days after a cold front and a ton of rain. I knew that some big fish would be caught and wanted to at least be there just in case it was me to catch them :) Well some were caught, one guy got 2, both over 7. There were prolly more caught but I didnt hear about them. If you in the south/west part of Alabama, lake lu is a place you should try to hit. Robby the manager does a great job and the lake is full of big bass, big bullgills and nice shell crackers.
I did throw the big trap some, and also the small mann's bait, didnt catch anything on either and looking back I wished I had thrown the trap more. I ended up with 7 small bass that I gave to some guys fishing for dinner. Robbie wants the unders out and trys to get everyone to take them out and I help :)

Sunday, I wanted to go and check out the blue angels that were in town for the weekend. I didnt go sat because I knew the crowd would be huge, well it was over 125000 came to town, I heard the traffic was very very bad. So my plan was to fish early, get back and go watch some jets. Well at sunrise it was raining and storming. I should have stayed in bed but I'm hard headed and wanted to get down to Bibb county lake another lake that is FULL of big bass but for me thier very hard to catch. But, after sitting in the truck for about 30 mins waiting on the storms to pass, I went out for about 5 hours, 4 small bank runners were all I could get. Caught those on a fluke, one of my go to lures when the fish are in 5ft or less.
It looked like the prefect spring morning, clouldy, rainy, foggy, man it was nice:)
ohwell, that's why it's called fishing not catching. I'll try again as soon as I can that's for sure.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, caught some fish or whatever you were trying to catch:)
I'll be back in the next day or 2 for more :)

Fish on

Friday, April 03, 2009

More Custom painted lures, wohoo

I can't wait to get on the water this weekend and give these 2 lures a try,
The first one is a 1oz Trap in Shellcracker(red ear) this is a big fish bite for sure :)

The next one is for the skinny water where this time of the year a lot of Bass will be hanging out, plus they hate bluegills roaming around their area :)
Manns baby minus 1, this will be fun to throw, and I have the prefect place this weekend to try it, I'll have a report on monday or so and let everyone know how it went.

Until next time, fish on

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

custom painted crankbaits.

I wanted to show off a couple of custom painted crankbaits I just got in,
I think they look awesome and will have more coming in soon.
Here's a H20 in Shellcracker(Red ear)
Here's a Rapala Risto Rap in Bluegill
Both look great as I hope can be seen in these big pictures :)

Let me know what you think.
Also, I have Twitter set up, I'll add a link soon, but you can find me by seaching for fishcraze.

thanks and fish on