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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

BFL lake Martin 2-14-10

I spent my Valentines Day doing something I LOVE!

I fished the FLW/BFL tournament on Lake Martin. I decided to fish when I heard they moved the Tournament a day later due to the weather. This is my first BFL and I'll be fishing the rest hoping to qualify for the regional on Lake Seminole this year.

The day started out cold but clear.

They had almost 100 boats show up. I'm sure the change and the fact it was VD day and moved to Sunday caused several boats to withdraw.

I had to pleasure to fish with boater Bill Hutchison. Bill drives a Nitro Z9 duel center console. Man, what a awesome boat and Bill was a great partner to draw.
(thanks Bill)
Bill and his wife had been up since Friday and fished a good bit in the nasty snow and weather Friday and then spent Saturday fishing after it was moved to Sunday.
Bill said in 2 days he and his wife only got a bite or 2 and the fishing was very tough,cold and muddy. Bill did find some clearer water on Saturday and Sunday it cleared up a little more.

We started fishing up a creek on the northern side where he found a little better water. We started fishing a point with a couple of docks and a seawall.
Since the only thing they got a bite on was a worm, we both pretty much started fishing slow and on the bottom, Bill used a lizard and I started with a yumdinger on a spotremover jighead and also a brushhog.

The boat was frozen,our feet,hands and just about everything was frozen. The net was caught in a storage locker and we couldn't get it opened until about noon. The first few hours our guides kept freezing up and that's a pain to deal with for sure.

We fished the point and then headed down a deeper bank that had some rock and also had the sun hitting it(when the clouds would let it:) I picked up the first keeper in about 6ft deep off the rocks. I thought it was going to be a great start:)

After a little while and no other bites we moved on. The next stop was a sharp rocky point that dropped off to about 18 ft. Bill got his first keeper here, it was really a reaction bite, when he got hung up on the rocks and jerked it off the fish hit.

We fished it for a little while with no other bites and moved across a little bay to a bank with more rocks and deep water.
This bank had a channel swing that hit it and Bill caught his next keeper and I caught a shot or 2:( We had more bites here than anywhere we fished or Bill fished for 3 days. Plus we had 2 more fishers here so it looked like a good place to pick apart and we did.

We fished it pretty hard, Bill caught a nonkeeper and we fished it on down hoping for more bites or signs of action. By this time, the winds started picking up(I'm fishing so the wind must be blowing:) After no more action we went to try some shallow muddy water looking for warmer water. We found it, up to almost 49 degrees but very muddy and we couldn't get anything going at all. so we decided to go back to the point and then our deep bank where we had some bites. The wind made the point almost impossible to fish. By now, we had 15-20 mph winds and fishing was hard anywhere in the wind and our best spot was in the wind. On our 3rd stop on the channel swing Bill caught his 3rd keeper up in about 6 inches of water, I think Bill hit it in the head and the bass was trying to protect itself:) I caught a another small dink:(

We fished here to time to go back and really just try to make one bite by shaking a worm in their face but it didn't happen.

Hindsight, I wished I would have try to go deeper with a crankbait on that channel bend but again that's hindsight and it is what it is.

Got back to the ramp and got ready to weight in. Glad I had something to weight, getting skunked sucks!

In line to weight our fishes.

On stage,at least I got a few points, I finished 55 and Bill finished in 33rd so both of us have a good start to the season.

Bill and myself after the weight in.

Thanks Bill I really enjoyed fishing with you and look forward to seeing you and your wife at the next one.
Stage and after Tournament photos by Carrie Hutchison, Bill's beautiful and sweet wife, oh she a bass fisherperson also:)

Here's the link to FLW site



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    That's really wierd that you have pictures wider than the width of the main column. Blogger automatically sized my photo's so they always fit.

    Great report. Better luck next time.



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