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Monday, February 22, 2010

Lake LU, Livingston Al

I thought I would so a quick blog on where I go when I want to chase big bass.
Lake Lu is in Livingston Al. It's a 55 acre lake that is full of big bass and bream.
Here's a map:

The RED marks are where bass over 5-6lbs were caught in the last 3 years
The YELLOW marks are fish over 8
The 1 BLUE mark is the only fish over 10(so for:)
Most of the fish were caught on bottom baits, but 1 9 was caught on a buzzbait and the 10 was a crankbait fish.

I'll post a blog on my trip this past Saturday after this one. I wanted to let everyone to get a idea of Lake LU.
Here's the website Lake Lu


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