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Monday, February 22, 2010

Saturday 2-20-10 Lake Lu

I started at daylight on lake lu, the first fish of the day was around 3lbs caught on a spotremover with a yumdinger. It came on a underwater point next to the boat area. I missed one other bite and moved down the lake to the ballfield creek where I know some big fish live.
The next fish I caught was this one.

She hit the spotremover and during the fight I saw another fish trying to take the worm, it was even bigger:)
I made a short vid, but can't get into my you tube account. I'll get it up asap.

After catching her, I moved to the upper creek area and caught a 6lb from a underwater island that is know for big fish.
Here's the 6

I got 3 more small fish all were caught on the spotremover and yumdinger. I didn't get a bite on anything else I threw. But it was a great day to say the least :)

DJ(my son) and myself went back on Sunday hoping to get a shot at the one I saw but the wind killed us in those small tin boats. we each caught a dink apiece before we ran out of battery fighting the wind.

I'll be back many times this sping looking for the 15+ I know is there:)

Until then, life's short, fish hard


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