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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alabama Senator Richard Shelby on the Red Snapper fishing in Alabama

Here's a Video of my Favorite Senator Richard Shelby on the issue of Red Snapper fishing off the Alabama gulf coast.

Please take the time to let your local politicians know how you feel.

Keep our fishing free and available.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

tuesday thoughts and beautiful talented fisher girl

Welcome to Tuesday's Thoughts.

First thought, wishin I was fishin. Guess I could start every blog post with that one:)

Second thought
, I'm very happy that we spring forward this coming Saturday night. I'm a very much sun,warm,daylight loving guy. Matter of fact, I have no doubt if I lived anywhere much north than where I do now, I would MOVE :) heck, I think I'm too far north as it is now in central Alabama.

Third thought, I'm thinking even though the water temps are still a little cool for this time of the year the bass will start to move up this weekend with the new moon.I'll be there on the water to find out for sure:) I'll let you know what I find out.

Fishing Thoughts, trips
. This past Sunday(3-7-10)I went down to Lake Lu in Livingston to fish a little and see if I could find any big girls biting. I didn't, I did catch 4, 1 on a rattlebait, 1 on a yumdinger and 2 dinks on a shakyhead.
Beats about anything else I can think of that requires cloths :)

Last thought, saving the best for last. I have met a female that is Beautiful, loves to fish,and is good at it. Smart, lawyer smart, funny and a great person. Want to meet her too :)
/Go Here and see for yourself. She's got it going on and I know you'll enjoy following her blog and keep up with the big fish she catches.
She's the Fisherbabe and I'm happy to call her a good friend. Stop by and say hi!

I'll leave ya'll with a pic I took Sunday afternoon since I had no pics of fish how about a nice southern sunset pic.

Life's short, hug those you love and get outside!

Monday, March 01, 2010

How Kevin Van Dam fishes the Red Eye Shad

The Bassmaster Classic winner shows how he fishes the Strike king red eye rattlebait.

Yesterday DJ(son) and myself went fishing for a little while. He kicked my butt fishing a rattlebait. This was his first time to really fish this type of lure and I think he's hooked:) He caught 4, lost 2(one of those we saw and was a solid 3lb fish)
I had 1 maybe 2 bites:(
Now I have to hear about that for a week or so until we go again.
Good going son:)

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