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Monday, April 27, 2009

weekend fishing, what else is new:)

I spent most of Saturday and Sunday fishing lake Lu in Livingston Al, both days were pretty tuff fishing, post spawn blues, plus they fertilized the lake on Thursday:(
Normally it takes a few days for them to ajust to that and well they were not this weekend:)
I did catch 2 very nice fishes on sat though. Dont ask about Sunday.
Here's the first nice one, caught on a lizard, guess he/she thought it needed a big meal:)

13" and about a pound and half, one of the biggest shellcrackers I've ever seen or caught.
Then just a little while later while fishing a channel edge with a flat shallow crankbait, this pig just about swallowed it, luckly I got the bait out and she swam around, little sore but kicking :)

22 1/2 inches and right at 7 on my scales, she jumped prolly 5 times, but the bait was so deep it wasnt coming out.
Those 2 fish made the weekend :)

until later, fish on


  • At 12:34 PM, Blogger billco said…

    Nice shellcracker. Love to catch - and eat - them.


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