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Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend at lake Lu

Crossing the dam Lake Lu Saturday 27th of June.

I decided to fight the heat and hit Lake Lu at daylight Saturday morning 6-27-09
3rd cast of the morning with a zara spook in baby bass color.I didnt even work the lure, I didn't see the hit, but I heard it, the cider block hit, it was loud and it was fun.
(I have a vid, that's not too good I'll add at the end of the post of this fish.)

First fish of the day, what a great way to start, cool, calm and explosions at daylight:) There's a tape that goes to 18 inches in the photos, you can tell pretty much how long they are.

another pic of her, over 23 inches and over 8lbs.

I caught 5 bass total Saturday, 3 dinks and another toad of almost 5 lbs. The 5 hit a shakyhead in some brush. It was hot, but those fish made is seem like I was fishing in Alaska :)

Sunday, the lake opens at 1230 or so on Sunday, I wasn't in a hurry to go and sweat so I got there around 230. slight nw wind with some clouds(thank you lord)
Both days the water temp was in the low 90's but it's green that's a good thing.
I started fishing and went a couple of hours with only 2 small fish on a crankbait. around 5 or so, I hit a shallow bar where I've caught some big fish in the past and was bumping the bottom around a bream bed and this fish hit and went crazy, she was around 19 inches and around 5lb

sweet! that's why we fish.

That fish made my day and I was ready to start fishing back to the boat area. I stopped to hit another shallow bar that sits about 15 feet off the bank, I know it's a bream bed,seen the big holes when the water was clear. I started dragging the crank though the holes, feeling it hit then bounce up, on about the 3rd hole I felt the crankbait go away from me, I leaned into the hit and knew I had another solid fish on. It went crazy, I stumbled around for the net,when a 9/10 pounder jumps it's awesome(as long as I'm not in a tourney:)

This fish was over 24 inches long and I know it was close to if not over 10. I didn't weight it, cause it was just too hot to keep it out long, I wish I did weight it. Ohwell it was big toad! Sunday all 4 fish hit a H2O crankbait, was a long slender chartreuse with a green back kind that runs about 4 feet deep.

Both days were hot but fun. 2 over 8 and 2 more around 5. Now that's bass fishing in the south in June :)

Here's video I shot on Saturday of the 8, sorry quality, it's hard to fight the fish and shoot the vid, I'm working on my technique :)

Fish on

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Turtle fight

Went fishing down on Lake Lu in livingston al. Been going down there about every weekend, hoping the big toads will start their summer feeding patterns. I've done so so. Nothing over 5 or lbs since April but the last couple of weekends the fish have got a little bigger. On may 30th the biggest 5 would have gone about 15 or so. They were sitting on a brush top on a ledge. Crankbait were the ticket. This past weekend, I caught a couple from that brushtop but I found some good fish on another. Past Sunday jump off one over 5 and boated 2 over 4 with some misses. Hot though!

Here's a quick video of a turtle that got a little too close to my crankbait. This is the first of my vids I'll be uploading this summer to my youtube channel. REALfishcraze.

I'll be in north alabama this coming weekend to fish Wheeler lake, I'll blog about it next week. Untill then, follow me on Tweeter :)

Monday, June 01, 2009

Fishing and Balloon races

Great morning for flying :)

Been busy working on several things, some of my irons in my fire are toast:) Ohwell, live and learn. I spent the weekend over at Lake Lu. That's a small 55 acre lake on the campus of west Alabama campus in Livingston Alabama. I'm going to do a post on that lake soon so you'll see what the deal is. Big fish is the deal :)

Saturday,got there at sunup, clear sky's light nw winds. The fishing was pretty slow most of the day. Around 12 or so I found some fish on brush near the channel and started catching some nice fish. 4 over 15 inches and a couple more around 12" or so. most came on a Banditt Flatmax(my fav:)

Sunday, went to the balloon race at sunup,see pic, pretty cool, I wanted to fly with them but instead just took some pics. see top!

Sunday, headed to lake lu at 12pm for about 5 hours, started off at the same place, caught 2 nice ones, missed one and thought well I know there here I'll go find more and come back here and really clean up......nope,didnt find them anywhere else and when I got back to the brush on the ledge, caught 1 more about 3. that's it. Fun of course anyhow.That's way we do what we do :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't wait untill I'm on the water again.
until then, fish on