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Monday, April 20, 2009

Back from Guntersville

Back at the work place and thinking of the past weekend at lake Guntersville, man what a awesome lake!
We had 2 nights of great food, 2 days of good fishing and a Tourny day that almost was great :)
We came in 3rd, 4 fish for 16.8 lbs, my partner had the 2nd bigfish at 6.8.
Man, if only IF we could have got that last keeper............ohwell, that's fishing.

We found a little round hole on friday, caught a keeper and couple of shorts, it wasnt a big place at all, maybe a acre or so, there was a ton of fish moving in the weeds, friday we were'nt sure if they were bass or not but we added it to our places to fish on Saturday. Found out friday night that there would be about 400 to 500 tourny boats on the lake saturday and decided to go to the round hole first off trying to beat the other boats. We did, and first pass, partner boated a 4 1/2 lber. Good start, on the 3rd pass he boated the 6+ fish and we continuted to circle this small hole.
I finaly got a keeper, then another one. So, about 10 passes in this little circle of water and 4 for about 15lbs.
What to do, go and try to find that last keeper or keep circleing? Well, we went looking, bad, bad! NEVER, NEVER leave fish to find more fish........learn damnit!
If we had stayed we would have got that 5th fish and could have won the darn thing, but you have to learn from your mistakes and I did.
*Should'nt have to learn this one over and over though:(

!8.8 won, 17.5 2nd and our 16.8 3rd. I can't wait to get back to Lake Guntersville :)

I'll post some pics later this week,
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