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Monday, April 06, 2009

Weekend fishing

Well, after working sat morning, I took off for lake lu for the afternoon. Just 2 days after a cold front and a ton of rain. I knew that some big fish would be caught and wanted to at least be there just in case it was me to catch them :) Well some were caught, one guy got 2, both over 7. There were prolly more caught but I didnt hear about them. If you in the south/west part of Alabama, lake lu is a place you should try to hit. Robby the manager does a great job and the lake is full of big bass, big bullgills and nice shell crackers.
I did throw the big trap some, and also the small mann's bait, didnt catch anything on either and looking back I wished I had thrown the trap more. I ended up with 7 small bass that I gave to some guys fishing for dinner. Robbie wants the unders out and trys to get everyone to take them out and I help :)

Sunday, I wanted to go and check out the blue angels that were in town for the weekend. I didnt go sat because I knew the crowd would be huge, well it was over 125000 came to town, I heard the traffic was very very bad. So my plan was to fish early, get back and go watch some jets. Well at sunrise it was raining and storming. I should have stayed in bed but I'm hard headed and wanted to get down to Bibb county lake another lake that is FULL of big bass but for me thier very hard to catch. But, after sitting in the truck for about 30 mins waiting on the storms to pass, I went out for about 5 hours, 4 small bank runners were all I could get. Caught those on a fluke, one of my go to lures when the fish are in 5ft or less.
It looked like the prefect spring morning, clouldy, rainy, foggy, man it was nice:)
ohwell, that's why it's called fishing not catching. I'll try again as soon as I can that's for sure.

I hope everyone had a great weekend, caught some fish or whatever you were trying to catch:)
I'll be back in the next day or 2 for more :)

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