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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Turtle fight

Went fishing down on Lake Lu in livingston al. Been going down there about every weekend, hoping the big toads will start their summer feeding patterns. I've done so so. Nothing over 5 or lbs since April but the last couple of weekends the fish have got a little bigger. On may 30th the biggest 5 would have gone about 15 or so. They were sitting on a brush top on a ledge. Crankbait were the ticket. This past weekend, I caught a couple from that brushtop but I found some good fish on another. Past Sunday jump off one over 5 and boated 2 over 4 with some misses. Hot though!

Here's a quick video of a turtle that got a little too close to my crankbait. This is the first of my vids I'll be uploading this summer to my youtube channel. REALfishcraze.

I'll be in north alabama this coming weekend to fish Wheeler lake, I'll blog about it next week. Untill then, follow me on Tweeter :)


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