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Monday, June 01, 2009

Fishing and Balloon races

Great morning for flying :)

Been busy working on several things, some of my irons in my fire are toast:) Ohwell, live and learn. I spent the weekend over at Lake Lu. That's a small 55 acre lake on the campus of west Alabama campus in Livingston Alabama. I'm going to do a post on that lake soon so you'll see what the deal is. Big fish is the deal :)

Saturday,got there at sunup, clear sky's light nw winds. The fishing was pretty slow most of the day. Around 12 or so I found some fish on brush near the channel and started catching some nice fish. 4 over 15 inches and a couple more around 12" or so. most came on a Banditt Flatmax(my fav:)

Sunday, went to the balloon race at sunup,see pic, pretty cool, I wanted to fly with them but instead just took some pics. see top!

Sunday, headed to lake lu at 12pm for about 5 hours, started off at the same place, caught 2 nice ones, missed one and thought well I know there here I'll go find more and come back here and really clean up......nope,didnt find them anywhere else and when I got back to the brush on the ledge, caught 1 more about 3. that's it. Fun of course anyhow.That's way we do what we do :)

Hope everyone had a great weekend. I can't wait untill I'm on the water again.
until then, fish on


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