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Monday, March 30, 2009

Love Spring time Bass fishing!

Sorry I havent posted much, this computer is giving me some troubles, but I'll work though it.

I am very happy that spring as sprung. The bass and other fishes are shallow and if you take your time, open your mind and go slow you'll find them.

Good luck and here's a pic of pair of toads I caught last march on a shakyhead with yum dinger.
Great lure and great fish :)
This is what I look forward to everytime I get to go bass fishing during the spring.

The BASSmasters are on Wheeler this week, I wish I could go up and see some of them, but will have to hang here and hope to chase green trout :)
Good luck to Boyd Duckett and all the Bama sticks :thumpsup:

Fish on


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