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Monday, February 20, 2006

Fishing lay lake Feb 18th

Sorry it's been a while:( I'm going to make a effort to post more and sorta use this as a fishing log. Not that anyone reads or cares:)

I was running a little late, called to let my partner know and got there about 10 minutes after most fishing the tourny had already left the landing. The weather was cold rainey and getting colder. When I got there it was 44 and it was 34 when we finished at 3pm. It rained on and off all day made for a uncomfortable day to say the least. We started across from Beeswax landing in some cuts with boat houses and docks. First skip with a spotremover w/5" yum dinger got a 2 1/2 lb spot. That got me warmed up somewhat:) then I missed a bite and caught a small keeper. I made another cast and my line started heading right for the boat, I tired to catch up and set the hook, but when that happens and when it's a BIG fish 8lb line sometimes isnt strong enough, it broke:( I knew right then what I did wrong, I should of caught that fish and it would have made a difference for sure. But that's fishing. We then tried some docks, more grass, points but the wind got up and we moved to find something else that would give us some deeper water and block the north wind somewhat. I had found a few north pockets on a map and we headed over to them. The first pocket had a nice tree laydown and I threw my chart/white spinnerbait and slowly worked it down the tree, a nice 2lb largemouth ate it and gave me 3 keepers in the boat. Moved on down the river bank fishing laydowns, grass and whatever we thought might hold a fish or 2. When it's that cold you want get many bites so it's a numbers game, a thousand cast might get you a few bites if your lucky. On down the bank we came across another pocket that had a boat fishing the point, I worked around them slowly and when they left I moved over and fished a concrete seawall, good move:) first pass down the wall I nailed another 2+lb fish on my jigworm, then on the next pass I caught my 5th keeper(woohoo) it's always a major goal to get a limit and I had it then. We worked on down the river and decided it was getting close to time to head back, I wish we would have hit that wall 1 more time but ohwell.
We ran back to the creek where the landing was and started fishing the dock that produced the first 2 fish but didnt find anthing. I wanted to fish a bridge and some rocks before we finished. Good call, I caught one more keeper and it was a largemouth that was the same lenght as my small spotted bass but had a bigger belly and weighted a few ounces more. At the weight in, 12.9 one it, 2nd was 12 and we got third with almost 11lbs. 4th was just 5 ounces behind, that last fish got me in the money:)

Sorry this was a little long, but I had a great time, and can't wait to go fishing again.

untill then, good fishing


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