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Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Saturday morning

Woke the boy up at 4:30, made coffee, loaded the car and we headed to Livingston Alabama. It's a hour drive down I-20/59 to the exit that carried us to lake Lu on the campus of West Alabama University. It's a small lake with some big fish, A good friend from high school holds the lake record little over 15 lbs. I've had some on that rank up there with the biggest fish I've ever hooked. Biggest I've evered boated was around 7. My son got his biggest so for this past Feb, picture is in one of the post below. Anyhow, got to the lake right at opening time, 6am. I was surprised to be the only ones there, normaly thier several folks getting boats and there to bank fish. But this morning we had the lake all to ourselfs. Very nice way to start the day.
We loaded the boat with enough fishing gear to sink a battleship and headed across the lake. I wanted to start on the bank that the creek channel came close in. From the time we got in the boat we saw fish busting the top, chasing bait, having a good time. I thought we might have a good topwater bait BUT, could not really find the lure they wanted, tried buzzbaits,pop'rs,stick baits and soft jerkbaits but only found a couple of somewhat interested fish. Dj started fishing his "new" bait. He has got the dropshot technique down pretty well and started catching some small throwbacks. I started throwing a carolina rig with a 4 inch yum dinger worm. around 9am we were up on the upper end around the stumps and cover around the creek channel, after a small fish I caught one around 4 1/2 nice fish, miss another bait and then went to a blade and stuck one around 3 and had one try to take my rod, missed him:( Few more bites and a small fish or 2 and we hit the last pocket, battery was dieing and it was getting hotter. I threw the white spinnerbait into the middle of the small pocket and was rewarded with another fish over 4lbs. Those type of fish on a spinnerbait are great, ton of fun.

Well, fun morning with 3 very nice fish and a bunch of smaller fish to keep us wanting more. Always a great day when I can fish with my son.

God bless and Good fishing


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