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Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Fishing this past weekend

Well, My son and myself went sat to a local lake and the wind just about blew us all over the place. We were using a aluminum boat and it's hard to control it with a trolling motor. After a few hours and 1 small fish we called it aday. It's our 3rd trip to this lake and still haven't put anything together:( I know it's got some big bass because last march 8th(2004) we were there and saw dozens of large bedding bass. This year the water temp is behind what it was last year and we saw none on bed.

Sunday, tried another lake about a hour south that is full of large bass and this is the best time to fish for them. The wind again was a factor and it was hard to control the small boat. We ended up with a handful of small bass, biggest one on a spinner bait about 2lbs. At least we caught a few:) The weather is about to break out down here in Bama and the bass will be in full force in the shallows. I'll be out there all weekend looking for that monster gal. Haven't decided where, might have the boat fixed and if that's the case we'll head to the lake to see if the spotted bass are where they should be this time of the year. I'll let y'all know for sure.

thanks and tight lines


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