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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

March 5th at Pickwick lake north alabama

Got up at 1:45(after hitting the sack at 11:30 and 2 bottles of wine at dinner for my freinds B-day ) headed up to B-ham to meet my partner and continued on for almost 3 more hours and got to the landing at 5:20. We only had 4 boats fish this one(that would hurt me later:) Got put in and went to the first creek right down from the park. Started fishing the ledge in the mouth my partner got a hit right off the bat and landed a 4# sauger that bit his CB in half:) after just a little while I got a nice 2 1/2 LM on a C-rig, spent the next several hours in the creek with a few other boats. Threw CB,SB, and jigs for a while with a couple of shorts to show. The water was pretty clear in this creek so I then went to a light line and spotsticker jig and junebug senko type worm. Pitching it into cover and started getting bit some and got 3 more keepers in the boat, by 10 was looking for that 5th and final fish to make a limit:) We decided to try some other spots up the lake and left, by then we had 20-30 mile per hour wind and that is NO fun in a bassboat, we took one 3ft wave over the bow and it soaked me to the bone, no fun at this time:( After fighting the wind and losing the trollling Batteries we went back to our first creek and found no more than 10-15 boats in it to try to get out of the wind. We then heading back to the landing an started fishing around the boats and boat slips in about 7 ft of water, I got several bites and finaly caught the 5th and 6th keeper(culled) fish for a limit. Weighted in 5 came in second. Becasue of the low boat turnout, we only paid 1 place BUT I had a great time and caught a bunch of fish. I can't say enough about light line(p-line floroclear) with spotsticker and yum dinger worms(MM saw what they do when he was down last year) I really believe I can catch fish just about anywhere and in any condition with it. My partner now knows about them. count for the day, me- 6 keepers, 4-5 throw backs,4 white or hybid bass and one big drum partner-huge sauger, couple throw backs. great day on Pickwick, guess I'll have to wait another day for that first smallmouth:) Can't wait to fish again:)

tight lines Danny


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